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Enjoy the unique experience of cruising in the blue lagoon from Kumarakom.


We knows safety is important for a relaxed holiday.

All our houseboats are built using traditional architecture and artisan-ship suitable for safety of passengers. Further we ensured to adhere standards of the government and are capable of withstanding any adverse climatic conditions even though the Vembanadu remains clam throughout the year.

As far as the on-board security is concerned, we do follow efficient security layer Apart from the guests, only crew members are allowed inside houseboats. Crew members are well-trained to tackle any kind of eventuality, reliable and faithful too. Our well maintained system ensure utmost care is being given to safety and security of guests during the cruise and during night stay to ensure the guest can spend their stay fearlessly and with secured feeling.

Each houseboat is having life saving equipment like lifebuoy, life jackets and firefighting devices besides round-the-clock support of well-trained crew. Every houseboat has been provided with mobile phone to communicate with the management. Ideally stocked medicines and facility for first aid. In short, we have made all arrangements to make valuable guests’ leisure trip a totally mesmerizing, fear free, with all its security feeling.

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